There are several different binding methods that you can use when you are printing your book. Essentially, binding is the process where you put sheets of paper together and attach them to a relatively different cover. If you like reading books, it’s obvious that when you visit bookstores as well as the libraries, you must have noticed that different books are bound differently. Well, in this piece we are going to look at the saddle stitch binding service that we offer at Easy Street Print.

Saddle stitched bookbinding is a common method that is used to print documents, in which staples are inserted into the book spine/saddle of the folded printed materials. This, in turn, provides you with a professional clean look to the finished booklet. This method is a cost-effective approach that is used by most individuals and businesses to print their documents. Saddle stitch binding is one the services that we provide at Easy Street Print and it is a subtle way that is known today for document binding. Unlike, spiral binding, 3-ring binders or even the well-known velo binding, this method is used when you want professional print jobs done for you.

Saddlestitched Book Binding Service is usually used for the purpose of binding manuals, presentations, reports, proposal, booklets, and catalogs. Not only does this method make documents look trim and sleek, but the small amount of binding material makes the catalog or the booklet save resources because it uses a few binding materials. In most cases, saddle stitch is commonly printed utilizing the online printers. This way you find that the order quantity placed can match the number of copies needed, reducing waste materials and the risk or what is referred to obsolescence. We also offer shrink wrapping to help protect your documents during transport and storage.

This binding method service that we provide at Easy Street Print is suitable for relatively small books where there have no more than fifty-two pages. You find that the book is usually held together by the support of staples that are placed on the spine of the book. Generally, the booklet cover is printed in color with a film lamination. This style is usually used for printing manuals, pamphlets, small catalogs and so on. You find that the booklets are also available in different portraits for those who are interested in getting their books bound using this method. You can contact us and allow our team of experts helps you to come up with the best type of booklet that you’re looking for.

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