A paperback or soft cover book is a style of book where the cover is made of a thick paper rather than a hard binder board. Most authors find printing quality paperback books more affordable and convenient. Readers too prefer soft cover books over hardcover books as they are lightweight and can make a perfect companion when traveling. If you’re
planning a paperback book printing anytime soon, Easy Street Print can gladly help you through the process of order fulfillment quite effectively.

How a Paperback Book Is Assembled

Upon printing, the book leaflets are stacked and then held together using industrial glue in a process known as perfect binding. The book cover can be printed in black & white or in full color, after which a film lamination is added to provide ultimate protection. You can always choose to include a gloss or matte finish on your book cover.

Which style of books can a paperback cover be perfect on?

Well, paperback can look great on a number book styles. From children’s books to romance and poetry books to young adult fiction books all through to religious books and graphic novels, paperbacks canjust deliver an eye-catching book design that’s also easy to carry around. And when it comes to book sizes, we can help you print any size from 4 x 6 inches to 9 x 12 inches.

What to Expect From Our Paperback Printing Services

At Easy Street Print, we always leave nothing to chance when handling clients’ paperback book printing orders. We boast of state-of-the-art binding machines that ensure perfect application of glue for an even stronger binding. With our massive experience in the paperback book printing business, we can guarantee you of excellent bookstore quality that
will make your book irresistible to the buyers.

The paperback book printing is also done in-house, something that ensures proper quality control of the books being printed and bound. We also offer short-run and/or small-run paperback printing options for clients who want to keep up with the ever-growing book demand. We have an elaborate order fulfillment plan in place, so you can always trust us to
work with you through every step of the way.

Easy Street Print simply makes the process of ordering for paperback book printing seamless. And since our printing requires minimal investment, you are assured
of getting value for your money. Call or send us an email today to get a free quotation or inquire more about our paperback book printing services.

We also print on many other types of media besides paper. Check out our new custom banner printing service and ask us for a quote.

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