Mail services and the industrial shippers usually rely on the shrink wrapping service to help them organize, protect as well as easily ship their goods. Shrink wrappers are similar to the plastics that are used to keep food fresh in our kitchen. They are sturdier, however, made from polyolefin or PVC.

Polyolefin when used to wrap up your work after printing gives them high clarity. You find that both films are usually wrapped around the product that you want to ship and then heated. The heat that is applied shrinks this film to conform to the item shape, sealing out air entry and protects the product from getting moisture, dirt and other hazards that are associated with transportation.

You find that if you have smaller products, shrink wrap bags comes in handy as they are simpler and more efficient alternative that is available. Rather than going through the process of wrapping the shrink wrap manually around each product, the supplier will just need to shrink the product into a PVC bag, amply heat on the bag, and then ship it to you. Most of the shrink wrap bag suppliers have a wide range of bag sizes that they provide to their clients. Whether its printed brochures, booklets, or newsletters, this is an ideal method to ensure that the product gets to you in good form.

A quality shrink wrapping service provider must be able to provide you with a custom built cover that will virtually work on anything. You find that in some cases even buildings need to be wrapped when repairs are being done on them. If you are looking for this wonderful service doesn’t look so far just contact us and we will offer you this service. At Easy Street Print we ensure that we provide this service to our international clients before we ship their products. Whether you will come for them or we will send them to you, you need to rest assured that your prints will be taken good care of.

It’s worth mentioning that shrink wrapping is one the most useful manufacturing processes ever conceived, Bundling together and protecting your documents when shipping or storing them for future use is critical. At Easy Street Print we provide shrink wrapping service to documents of all sizes and types as part of finishing your order. Contact us now and let us know if you need shrink wrapping for your documents.

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