Thinking of binding your report, brochure, magazine, report or novel after printing? Our perfect binding services could just be what you need for a durable and low to medium cost packaging for your publication. Unlike a saddle stitch that utilizes threads or wire staples to hold book leaves together or unbound documents like brochures, perfect binding uses a strong adhesive to attach a cover to the spine of assembled document pages.

Easy Street Print perfect binding services can give your document a more sophisticated and commercial look. And one of the great advantages of using this type of binding is that it allows you to print the cover and spine of your document in full color. That way, you can include some additional branding and design work quite seamlessly.

Number of Pages Ideal for Perfect Binding

If your catalog or magazine is less than 100 pages, perfect binding might not really be the best option to use. But if your document pages go way above that volume, you shouldn’t think twice about having it bound using this method. Perfect binding is simply one of the easiest and most effective ways to cover your printed document.

Key Benefits of Perfect Binding

Apart from being the best method for binding documents with huge volumes of pages, perfect binding also comes with a host of other benefits. Compared to other binding methods, perfect binding is easier to complete and a little bit cheaper. It’s also the most effective binding method for books that boast of hundreds, if not thousands of pages.

Other notable benefits of perfect binding include:

  • Document cover and pages are strongly glued together using flexible thermal glue
  • The cover can be clear-coated for extra durability and improved appearance
  • Perfect binding’s professional appearance makes it an ideal method of binding fiction and non-fiction books
  • It can be used on a number of printing projects such as thicker brochures, manuals, corporate reports and catalogs

Let the Professionals Handle Your Perfect Binding Project

Here at Easy Street Print, we are flexible enough to work on any amount of document binding that requires special attention. For an even more appealing bound document, our in-house team of designers will work with you through every step from design and editing all the way through to printing and binding. Once we understand the scope of your binding projects such as the number of pages you need, your target audience and your budget, coming up with a perfect bind for every single piece of the order can be easy.

As one of the leading commercial and marketing document printing service in town, we can assure you of getting professional perfect binding services whose quality is unmatched.

For more information about this service, call our experts on our phone number to get answers to all the queries that you may have.

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