Are you looking for a smart and professional way to present your report to your colleagues at work? Is the boss on your case for how disorganized your office is with paperwork littering every corner? If so, the solution you are looking for is coil binding. It is a magnificent way to pull together pages of your documents in a presentable way. At Easy Street Print, we offer an array of coil binding services that will get you out of this mess.

Coil Binding Options

We are a printing company that provides you with various options depending on size, color, covers and special printing effects just to make sure you walk out of our store a happy, satisfied customer.


There is a wide range of size for you to choose from. Depending on the size of your documents, the coils we use have a length ranging from 1 to 14 inches whereas the size of your completed document should measure between 4.25 by 4.25 and 12 by 14 inches.


We offer a whole spectrum of coil colors for customers who visit our store so that you find the option you are looking for. Coordinating your brand colors with the coil color of your choice will enable us to produce a blended document that you will be proud to show off to your colleagues at work.


Our covers are of high quality to give your piece of document that worthy executive look. Select full color printed covers on our 80# or 120# cover stock. Also check out our document folding services if needed.

What will coil binding do for you?

  • Professional Look- Our coil binding package will ensure your documents are presented in an executive way fitting for any official use. Rest assured you will be a pacesetter for your colleagues the next morning you walk into work.
  • Durability- The materials we use in the binding process ensure that your documents are kept safe from dust, water, and any form of damage. You will use them for ages without having to worry about their state deteriorating.
  • Simplicity- Coil bound documents easily open flat on your office desk and can rotate at a 360-degree angle to give access to all pages in the document. You need not struggle to look for pages as they are all well arranged.
  • Flexibility- Coil binding allows you to match the spine of the document with the cover palette hence giving you a variety of choices as far as color is concerned, perfect for business marketing.

The next time you are looking for coil binding services, contact us at Easy Street Print, and we will sort you out as true professionals do.

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