At Easy Street Print, we are masters in our own craft when it comes to printing paper and document folding services for marketing. We specialize in a range of standard paper folds that include half fold, tri-fold, parallel fold, accordion fold, Gate fold (both open and closed), quarter fold and Z folds. Our company can also do half/tri fold as well as tri/half folds. These document folding patterns can either be done by a machine or through a hand fold.

What Documents Can You Bring To Us To Fold?

Our company can literally fold any printable document or file targeted at different audiences. Whether it’s a calendar, brochure, newsletter or a gift card, our team will always make sure they make a presentable fold based on your specifications. So if you feel you have any document that you think needs to be folded, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We also provide document warehousing & distribution services if needed.

Are There Any Custom Document Folding Services?

While most businesses normally use standard paper folds for their marketing materials, there are plenty of custom folds that can make you stand out from the rest. And here at Easy Street Print, we are here to ensure your document folds remain as creative as possible. Our team can help you literally have your paper document scored and folded in any shape and size that can be ideal for your marketing strategy. Whether you want folding that nests into another, a double parallel fold or asymmetrical-type of folding, we can help you come up with a perfect piece. The type of folding we make for you is all limited by your imagination!

Why Choose Us?

Having been in the business for quite some time now, we have had enough experience folding paper documents hence we can gladly help you do any type of document. Our team is always ready to give some input if need be when choosing when you are choosing a fold pattern for your document. That not only minimizes the time of choosing a pattern but also ensures you settle for the best.

Other reasons why you should consider our folding services include:

  • We give instant and free quotations
  • Our pricing is very competitive
  • We offer fast turnaround times
  • We give discounts on bulk documents

For expert document folding services, contact us via our telephone or email address to get free quotes. You can always feel free to ask for any technical or creative advice from us and our team will promptly respond.

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