Bookbinding is a process where you put sheets of paper together and attach it to a different book cover. You that find that there a few different bookbinding techniques available. Once you have made a decision that you want to bind a book, you must ensure that you figure out the best binding method to use. This will definitely depend on the amount of money you are willing to spend as well as the type of the book that you are binding. For example, some printed publications need to employ book binding techniques that will allow them to lay flat. Also, paperbacks are also less expensive in comparison to hardcovers, even though they are not as sturdy.

At Easy Street Print we specialize in bookbinding types that include perfect bound (paperback), casebound(hardcover), spiral bound(coil), and saddle stitched (chapbook, booklet). If you want to get your book bound you can contact us and trust our professionals with your project. We will get your work started today after posting your order. We also offer book restoration services as well. Below is an overview of some of what entails the types of bookbinding services that we offer.

As the name suggests, hardcover which is also known as casebound is a type of binding that includes a hard external cover. The sheets of paper are enclosed with a material like leather, cloth or textured paper. They are most popular and used for important publishing, presentations, yearbooks, dissertations, and photo album. If your book is bound with a superior quality material, your book will definitely last for a longer period of time.

Spiral binding is also known as coil binding is a popular and the most common option for bookbinding. This process involves using wires and plastic coils to hold sheets of paper together. This type of binding can be ideal for making personal diaries, notebooks, and calendars. They need to be handled in care because the spirals may get crushed. Perfect binding, unlike the other options, includes stitches and it is instead an exclusive glue type of bookbinding. And saddle stitching is a technique where the spine or edge of the book is stitched to assemble the pages together.

In conclusion, it is worth to mention at Easy Street Print we utilize available bookbinding types to help you bind your papers and documents. It doesn’t matter whether you are trying to restore an old book or you want to get your newly launched publication bound, we will work towards achieving your set goals and objectives.

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