Maintaining the integrity of books that are considered heirlooms, historic or archives can be a very challenging task given that there are a variety of situations and elements that can damage them. Water, smoke, mold, and fire can all damage archived and historic books easily especially if you haven’t put proper prevention methods in place. Although the advancement in technology has converted much of what used to be in print form to an online format, there is still great value that exists in preserving the books on which it was originally published. At Easy Street Print we offer book repair & restoration services that include book conversions as well as a wide range of commercial printing media.

Book conversion is a process that is used when you want to convert a paperback book to a hardcover book, and vice versa. Rip and tip on the other hand is a process of ripping out, or carefully eliminating a defective pager of a book and tipping it with a newly corrected page of the book version. This is usually used by authors and publishers, who find an error in their books on only one or two pages, but they cannot afford reprinting and rebinding of the entire book.

The traditional book repair & restoration is another service that we offer but at the moment we do not have it because of unavailability of some machines. For those who are looking for this service, you don’t have to worry about because we are equipping ourselves with the necessary tools and equipment that will enable us to undertake this task. When we are fully equipped to the standards so that we can be able to offer this service we will let you know. If you want any book repair and restoration services you can contact us at Easy Street Print and our team of experts will roll up their sleeves to get your work done. We usually advise our clients to give us as many details as possible while handing in your project to us so that we can get the best results for you.

It is worth to note that restoring antique books that have been tampered with can be very challenging, but it not impossible. Depending on the extent of damage that has occurred you find that the type of binding and paper of the books can be restored easily. This work needs services of a professional and that is why we are welcoming you to our shop, Easy Street Print because we understand the sensitivities and processes of this issue. Check out our homepage for more info on this important service we offer.

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