Are you looking for professional book or document binding services that come at affordable prices? Then don’t worry because you are in the right place. At Easy Street Print, we specialize in providing distinct wire binding services that can be perfect for your proposal, report, portfolio, manual, cookbook and/ or workbook. With wire binding, a book or document is punched and a plastic or wire coil is inserted to help hold the pages together. This type of binding can go a long way in making your documents or books look more presentable and easy-to-use.

Paper Range

Our professional wire binding services can literally take care of any type and size document. Whether your papers are made of matt, silk or gloss surface, we’ll always come up with a perfect bind. You can also feel free to bring A5, A4 and/or A3 size documents for binding at our printing shop. We have a range of impressive wire colors that you can choose to use on your printed piece. This type of binding can be integrated with our magazine and book services.

Wire-O Binding

Wire-O binding or twin-loop binding is one of the most common binding solutions that our customers ask for. While it comes with almost the same benefits as spiral binding, it’s a bit more sophisticated in appearance. With wire-o binding, your printed document can lay flat and allow you to flip or open to a single page with greater ease and convenience. It can also secure up to 350 pages and accommodate extra like dividers and index tabs.

Other benefits of this type of binding include:

  • Offers 360-degree page rotation that ensures full bleed printing
  • Allows bound documents or pieces to lay flat or fold into a single page without necessarily closing
  • Offers greater durability compared to other spiral or coil bindings
  •  Is ideal for manuals, calendars, cookbooks, music books and presentations

Easy Street Print also has a range of card covers; both printed and plain-that can be added to the front or back of your document for extra durability. Our aim is not just about making it easier for you to interact with content in your document but also ensuring you get even better value for your money.

You don’t have to try so hard flipping through the pages of your proposal during a presentation or keeping the page of your cookbook intact when your food is about to burn in the frying pan. With Easy Street Print, your bound piece can just lay flat and allow you to read and proceed with what you’re doing with greater convenience. Please check out our homepage for more information.

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