Short run book printing is one of the most preferred printing services that are sought after today. It’s a solution where book printing is done in a limited number. This is mainly done to access and weigh the market before committing to a larger run. So in the case that a short run publication becomes popular and the demand grows, the publisher can switch to the traditional long run production method.

It’s also done for author’s who could not get picked up by a big publisher and may have to pay out of their pocket for the printing of their book.

Because of the main two reasons, short run book printing has become quite popular with authors and publishers.

For those who are looking to do short run book printing and binding projects at Easy Street Print, you should understand that we help our clients through the printing process as well as with proofreading of your book. We’ll also help you to finalize the design of the publication as well as recommend the type of ink and paper to use during printing. At Easy Street Print we are always available for our customers to support during the entire printing process.

The following are advantages of short run book printing:

  1. Save On Printing Cost

This printing method is a direct printing method. And being so, there is no need for you to go through the costly setup process of color separation, creating plates, film stripping and so on. The files that you provide just need to pass through a RIP software, which in turn transfers all the data stored straight to the digital printer. You will be able to print your files without having to pay for the materials that we have mentioned above.

  1. You Print What You Need

Offset printing has the advantage of paying less because of the discounts that you get when you order in bulk, but short-run printing is different. Easy Street Print allows you to place orders for small prints that you want at an affordable price. You find that when placing an order for short run prints you can specify the number of prints that you want to be delivered for you. This simply means that you will never print an excess of books that you won’t need.

  1. Fast Delivery and Turnaround Time

Another advantage that you will enjoy when you place a short run print order at Easy Street Print is that it will save time and allow you to get prints printed for you at a faster pace.

  1. It Gives You Options During Books Publishing

To wrap up the loose ends, it’s important to mention that book authors and publishers are the ones who get to enjoy the short run prints benefits. Authors are given an option to publish their books even when they are working on a limited budget since they just need to specify the number of prints that they want. More so, authors can now store a large collection of books back copies and print them only they receive an order from their readers. They need to just store a digital copy of their books in their database and retrieve it when the need arises.

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