Personal book printing is a term that usually comes into the minds of the newbie authors. The realization of such dreams is possible because of the existence of the commercial printers in this time of modern technology. Book printing and the associated printing works have been made easier because you just need to identify a reputable company and award it your personal book printing project. They will offer you various publishing services that are customized according to your specific preset options.

Whether it is your personal book that you are printing or someone else’s masterpiece, there are so many printing options that you must keep in mind. Also, you must understand that the process usually involves a number of factors that shape the overall appearance of the book and the process doesn’t only involve putting ink on paper. Short run hardcover book printing is one of our specialties at Easy Street Print.

When doing personal book printing you must address the following factors before you print your own book.

  1. Book Size

When printing a book for the first time you must consider the size of the book. The size of your book usually depends on the purpose the book will serve. According to the purpose that your book will serve, you can then identify it as a pocketbook, workbook or a handbook. At Easy Street Print, we advise our clients to pick the best size of their book so that they can enjoy the added value impact on the overall book appearance to attract prospective readers.

  1. Pages

You will find that most books appear in standard pages count according to the printers used to print them. Some books might be having twenty-four or thirty-two pages at least set up due to the kind of printers set up used. The bottom line is that the number of pages must be put into considerations when printing a personal book.

  1. Formatting

When printing a personal book it is important to pay attention to the book formatting. This is an essential factor because it is the one that makes a book to be attractive and effective according to the main purpose that you want it to serve. Formatting incorporates the issues related to proper spacing, margins, fonts and the like. When it comes to setting up the printing font style, it is important to utilize those that are most common in most books that you find around. With formatting specifications at hand, readability should be the option of utmost concern.

  1. Binding

In conclusion, it is important to mention that Easy Street print is a printing services provider company that offers different binding services that you choose from. While binding ensure that you choose the binding styles that will work well in reference to the size of your books that you need to be bound together.

Side wire binding, simple hardbound binding, spiral binding, and saddle stitched bidding are some the typical binding options that are offered at Easy Street Print. If you want to print your personal book, make sure you use the technology available well so that you don’t put your book writing efforts into waste. For more information, check out our homepage.

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