In the printing and finishing operations of documents, paper cutting and trimming services are required to reduce the size of sheet (either printed or blank) to the desired dimensions. You’ll find that all documents that we print for our customers are cut to desired sizes before we ship them. Paper sheets in most cases need to be trimmed before printing is done to ensure that their edges are straight and square so that you can avoid press jams during printing and other mechanical press problems.

In the binding and the finishing operations of products, cutting services are usually performed to ensure that the paper sheets are reduced to the desired trim size, to separate the pages that are ganged up on one sheet, and or to remove extraneous edges that contain registration marks, etc. You should note that cutting is differentiated from trimming in that cutting services operations are done on pages that have been already printed together, while trimming, on the other hand, refers the process of removing unwanted papers around the edges of the paper sheets.

At Easy Street Print we utilize our state of art cutting machines that ensure that the products that we give you are worked in a professional manner. Our bindery team of experts will ensure that your printed documents are cut and trimmed with crisp edges, uniform and clean from the first copy they do for you to the last copy. We also offer finishing services like lamination. You can bring us your copy of print job today and you will be delighted by what we and you in making a difference. Our professionals will roll up their sleeves when you send us project to get your project started today.

Lastly, it’s worth to mention that cutting of different paper weights has different considerations. You should not worry about the underlying technicality that is related to this service when you trust us with your project. We will ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for. We work with our clients to ensure that we provide them with high-quality final products that will help you in the promotional and marketing campaigns of your business enterprise. If you can’t see the paper cutting and trimming service that you’re looking for in our product line, please don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can know how we will help you. We will be highly honored to work with you and make your business printing needs and goals come true.

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