Foil stamping is a great way of adding a unique accent to your printed products. This method mainly works by adding a thin film of pre-dried ink or foil to paper at high temperatures. Whether it’s a business card, wedding invitation, presentation folder, letterhead or thank you note, a foil stamp can go a long way in elevating your text graphics and creating a lasting impression. And at Easy Street Print, we ensure you achieve just that by offering you high-quality and customized foil stamping services.

Create Your Own Unique Brand

If you are a business that needs to brand its products, create awards or craft invitations for your upcoming corporate event, our stamp foiling services can guarantee you eye-catching results. We can also help you emboss a personalized company logo, employee name and/or title on a frame job with an elegant stamp foil. There’s nothing related to stamp foiling that Easy Street Print can’t do. All you need to do is share your idea with us and we’ll bring it to life. Please review our customer ordering process when you’ve decided it’s time to move forward with production.

What Stamp Foil Colors Can Customers Choose From?

Gold and silvers are one of the most common colors used in foil stamping. But there is a range of other colors and finishes that can still look good on your product like white, steel blue, red, black and orchid. So long as it’s visible and attractive, any of these colors can be just fine for your business card, photograph or wedding invitation.

Why Should You Consider Foil Stamping?

Foil stamping is a practice that has been on for more than a century now. And it still continues to be popular in every facet of the society today. And there are basically three benefits that inspire its continuous use:

  • Foiled graphics are an instant attention grabber
  • Stamped foils make a product stand out from the rest and helps generate more interest in a brand
  • A foil stamp is a permanent process, something that works on creating a lasting impression

Since we are experts in foil stamping, we can help you choose the best color and effect to use on your document or product. We always deliver fast on any stamp foiling job requested and ensure the client stays within the budget. Our printing shop is all about getting clients high-quality and elegant results at the minimal cost possible.

Easy Street Print is simply a one-stop shop for all your printing and foil stamping needs. Contact us via phone or send us an email to request for custom foil stamping services or arrange for consultations.

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