Foil stamp book finishing is a service that really puts a rich finishing touch on any type printing. If you are looking for an outstanding, unique yet professional way to boost your business materials or books then it is time you began using foil stamping.

This customized method of finishing your book printing has been around for many years, and it is a popular choice for a list of business that is looking to stand out amidst their competition. Like embossing, this finishing method can add dimension to your book or to any other piece of paper print thus allowing you to come up with a custom look for your brand or your company logo, mailed and so many other things.

The foil stamp book finishing service can be done using either cold or hot method to create elegant designs that will give you an edge and lure your prospective customers to buy from you. More so, it is not limited to single colors or those that deemed as metallic, but it can make use of a wide range of colors, making it be perfect for the image you wish to achieve and then applied in a wide range of designs.

Most printing companies prefer to use hot stamping for finishing your book printing. Just to mention there are those people who have never heard of printing and they can be hesitant to use it. Well, hot stamping is accomplished by using a hot block to brand a colored foil by pressing it on a book or a piece of paper with the design that you want. The final product is a seamless design that is one with the cardstock or paper to which it was pressed into or added. Foil stamping can also be added to other print media like newsletter printing.

Foil stamping is one of the most elegant alternatives to the regular printing. Usually, this method is used when you want to add more classical and polished finish designs to the cover of your books, cards, or any other kind of material that you want. It can be used for either business needs or personal needs to boost the look of your finished product. At Easy Street Print we offer foil stamp book finishing service or any material that you want and in any color according to your preferences. It is our goal and objective to customize your book or any other material that you want according to the way that you deem necessary. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to stand out from your competitor with our foil stamping services

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