Imagine a hard copy book for a moment, where there’s no page numbers or table of content. You see just plain text with the author’s name and title. You look further and also find that there is no alphabetical index. Obviously, you would probably have to question the legitimacy of that book. What would it be? Junk? Amateur? Waste of money? Would you buy it? Like a properly printed business form, this is why finding a good book design service is so critical.

We all know that when publishing a book the content matters, the words, as well as the graphics used. But a professional book design is usually functional and attractive as these are some of the effects your readers want. When printing a book, whether you are doing it for the first time or you have done it previously, hiring a professional to do the design work for you is the best decision you can make. A well-designed book can make sales increase because the reader can’t hesitate to recommend it to a friend, and as you know the word of mouth is the most powerful marketing strategy.

The point is that you must get your book design done well following the right standards so that your readers can find it easy to read and use it. When a reader finds no problem while looking for specific information in your book they will probably prefer to purchase your next book or tell their friend about that specific book. But if they find it difficult to read and use it they will probably ask for a refund of their money and they won’t bother recommending others to purchase it.

No doubt that you have invested a lot of time creating and writing the content of your book. Also, you have an idea of how you want your book to look, but you don’t know how you will create it. At Easy Street Print we can help you to make your book design dream come true. Our team of professionals will design and create your product according to how you direct us to do.

Finally, it is worth to mention that the first impression matters a lot and this why you should also consider entrusting your book design to our professionals. This is important because poorly designed eBooks or hard copy books can cause a headache to businesses as well as loss of possible future prospective customers. If you need a book design service from a professional feel free to contact us at Easy Street Print and we will get the work started today.

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